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recovered from the no new tax pledge that was, in fact, broken. and the president president obama had a missed opportunity with the supreme court nominee, and then hurricane katrina did not work out in the way we would have wanted it to work out from a response perspective. but he doubled down on iraq and bucked the popular trend and the advice of his advisers by going for the surge and it was quite successful. president obama will really have to decide where he's going to focus his attention. i think it has to be obamacare because that's his real legacy if he's going to have one. as laura said it's about competence. he has the law passed. now he needs to implement it in a way that gains people's confidence, and he needs head winds because people don't like the mandate. >> there is the day-to-day, the big picture. >> i think he has to show himself leading on these things. thi would not be doing campaign-style speeches around the countries. i would be having meeting with the top people who are sitting there getting down to work. a lot of op-eds are continuously incorrect, and really po
of old people. the government has responded by raising taxes and the retirement age, it's even pushing for a robot revolution to support the graying population. i'm drew ambrose- on this
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)